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Full Member Eligibility & Fees

Agencies wishing to join SHSA as a voting member must be involved in the provision of supportive living or assisted living accommodation to seniors in the province of Alberta, Canada. 

Membership is subject to the approval of the Board of SHSA.

The Member Agency appoints one representative as their voting representative. Other employees of the agency may participate as non-voting attendees at society meetings and events. 

The Annual Membership fee for a voting member agency is $2.25 for every senior's housing unit operated by the Member Agency, subject to a minimum fee of $50.00 and a maximum fee of $1,000.

Associate Member Eligibility & Fees

Subject to approval by the Board of SHSA, any agency or individual interested in seniors' housing may be admitted as an Associate Member of SHSA.  Associate Members do not have voting privileges. 

The annual membership fee for an Associate Member is $100.

Membership Year

Our Membership Year is the calendar year.

Application Process

Please complete the SHSA Membership Application Form and submit it to SHSA for Board approval.  You may be requested to meet with the Board to discuss your application. Once Board approval has been received you will be invoiced for your membership fee.

Download / Print Membership Application